When all else fails. Cheese.

A selection of charcuterie prepared by our Charcutier, paired with our delicious assortment of cheeses.

Our Obsessions

When all else fails, cheese.

In my opinion, nothing is better than entertaining friends and family. What could make or break said get together is the food. Well ok, maybe wine, bourbon and beer can attribute. Like the time cousin Bob guzzled the 150$ bottle of Camus out of a beer mug. But I digress, we all like to impress our friends. Whether it’s showing off the deer head you hunted in a blinding snow storm and lost two of your toes due to frostbite. Or showing off the Persian rug you purchased in Peru. For me it’s having the rarest selection of fine meats, cheese and wine. A great stogie and bourbon to finish is always welcome.

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We are fanatical about food, meaning it’s always stocked to the brim, in different ways for different season. Our passion for pantries brings frugality to our cooking .
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Serving up some of the most savory, delicious cheese in the city.

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We feature an ever-changing range of house-made items, perfect for sharing over a glass of wine or craft beer.